As of 2/1/2021

The shul continues to monitor and request all participants continue with all safety protocols.

There will not be a Purim Party this year.

The Hall and Shul are available for rental with certain restrictions. If there is any interest please contact our office at

As of 7/16/2020

There are now over 50 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in our community and one death. This has lead to some confusion among our congregants on what the current policy is. In ongoing discussions with medical experts and Rabbis, we present the updated policy below.

Safety Protocol

  1. Masks are required in our shul at all times except when eating. If you do eat in the shul, you must ensure you are maintaining social distancing policy of 6 feet between yourself and others.
  2. In general, everyone should seat themselves as to allow for social distancing between themselves and others.
  3. From a medical standpoint, it is unknown how long antibodies last, and what protection it offers people in getting the virus a second time.
  4. Everyone deserves to feel safe in our shul. Even if you had the virus and had antibodies, when you aren't masked, it makes others uncomfortable because they don't know that you had it. A congregant recently stood up and said "if you wear a mask to walk into 7-11 to make others feel safe, why not do the same in shul for our fellow community members?"
Who May Attend
If Someone Tests Positive h"v

If Has Veshalom someone tests positive for the virus, please contact the shul immediately as we will do our utmost to contact all of those that were in contact with the infected person (contact tracing.) It is vital that the positive test result isn't kept secret as this could potentially lead to others being exposed h"v. Together, we will continue to have a safe and amazing summer!